Aims and Objectives:
The aims and objects of the association shall be:
3.1 To organise and unite all Officers of DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation”), and to regulate and promote good relations between members & DGCA and with other Government Officials and other departments concerned with the Aviation Industry.
3.2 To promote and encourage higher standard of personal and professional conduct of its members.
3.3 To watch, defend, secure and promote the rights, interests and privilege of the members of the Association.
3.4 To take up matters of service interest with Government and other authorities.
3.5 To Cooperate and seek cooperation from other Association on matters of service and mutual interest.
3.6 To promote and develop science of aeronautics and Civil Aviation in India in the interest of general public, including foreign nationals.
3.7 To organize conferences, lectures, seminars and set up study groups
for the welfare of members.
3.8 To endeavour and readdress the grievances of members.

3.9 To endeavour to provide legal assistance/consultation/legal aid to members in matters arising out of or incidental to their employment
before any court of law.
3.10 To endeavour to settle disputes between DGCA and the members, directly and amicably as far as possible.
3.11 To improve and advance the technical and general knowledge of members by taking appropriate measures from time to time.
3.12 To co-operate and associate with any other Association, Society Institution and Federation having similar objects and to take such steps as may be necessary to promote the economic social, cultural and professional interests of its members. To communicate with other fraternal organisation and public bodies within and out of India.
3.13 To collaborate with Ministry for achieving the objectives set out in policies by implementing and executing regulations / policies.
3.14 To collaborate with DGCA and Ministry for general welfare of all officers.
3.15 To associate with pay commission and assist to identify the professional hazard and to persuade to compensate monetarily or otherwise.